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We all know that the Internet has revolutionized brands and media, but no one has really unlocked the secret of exactly how it is done.  We all know the easy to generate formulas of traditional advertising, x number of dollars = y number of impressions in media that targets z% of demographic doesn’t work in the age of digital marketing.  So how do marketers keep their brand relevant in a land of increased media opportunity where the old rulebook has been thrown out and the new rules have yet to be written?

The Theme of the Coference

The answer is, we don’t know.  But what we do know is that some are doing it better than others.  Our client Digitas has addressed these issues in creating a forum for dialogue both real and virtual by hosting Digital Content NewFront at Skylight Soho.  This forum is where leaders of the digital world share their ideas on the stage, in a series of “meeting rooms,” hobnobbing in our corridor, on YouTube, or into the Twittersphere so the rest of the world can engage.

@moonfrye, Amanda de Cadenet, @mrskutcher,

In its fourth year, and always the undisputed highlight of Internet Week, the event is a star-studded affair that brings together the world’s most prominent and respected innovators, provocateurs, thinkers and doers across technology, entertainment, media and content environments.  The 2011 themed program, entitled “Pipe Dreams / Pipe Reality,” focused on the great challenges for marketers resulting from the proliferation of media opportunity.

Isabella Rossellini

So it is in theme that rather than dispense pearls of wisdom gleaned from the event in typical post form, we will look to Twitter instead.  Here we distill the tweets surrounding the event to selectively put forth our own understanding of the conversations:

12:01PM: Mark Beeching–CCO, Digitas

Steve Garfield
stevegarfield Steve Garfield
Mark Beeching Introduces NewFront #nf11 @ Skylight Soho
Dave C
cookho_search Dave C
“The Revolution Will Not be Televised,” Gil Scott-Heron Rant Resonates on Madison Ave
Mark Gardner
ut_markle Mark Gardner
RT @iawtv: Pipe dreams become new pipe reality through audience empowerment. Audiences are now our executive producers. -Mark Beeching #NF11
Peter Friedman
PeterFriedman Peter Friedman
Mark Beeching @Digitas: If social can bring down dictators & empower populations what can it do 2 empower ur customers & brand # NF11
Brian Duggan
ConferenceBites Brian Duggan
“Are you wiling to release your brand into this new reality and not just police…” Mark Beeching @digitas #nf11 #iwny
Ashton Kutcher (@aplusk) has taken the stage and just promised us that he’s going to be interesting … #NF11
@JAdamsCT Jonathan Adams
#NF11 Ashton Kutcher: I am repulsed by Internet advertising!… I want to be entertained. SOME marketers become the utility I want to use.
@rebrivved Rebecca Rivera
@Digitas #NF11 Ashton Kutcher says his company Katalyst is about storytelling & advertising on the web is (mostly) the opposite. I agree.
@aplusk explains that Carl Fisher makes products entertaining – he created what became The Indy 500 to sell cars #NF11

@matfree Mathieu Morgensztern

Isabella Rossellini on stage at Digitas #NF11
@jlouderb Jim Louderback
live now – @mrskutcher talking with Amanda De Candenet – @nf11
@JessicaRandazza JessicaRandazza
Who knew that @mrskutcher is even MORE beautiful in person?? VERY true. #nf11
Tyra Banks onstage. #nf11

Tyra. Soon to be Harvard MBA.

Tyra Banks is enrolled at Harvard Business school & lives in the dorms! #GoBusinessGirl #NF11
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Laura Lang @Digitas announces DIgitas Partnership with @AOL – @Huffpo for video streaming program for women #NF11 3:08 PM Jun 9th via TweetDeck

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Twitter is without a doubt the best way to share and discover what is happening right now.